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Preschool CanSkate & CanSkate

(CSA Helmets and masks are required for all skaters age 3-5 yrs)

(CSA Helmets are required for all skaters age 6 + yrs)

Preschool CanSkate is Skate Canada's flagship learn-to-skate program that is geared to beginners between the ages of 3-5 years, and must be potty trained. This program emphasizes positive learning through fun and play. 

The CanSkate Program focuses on fun, fitness, and participation. The program stresses progressive learning through fundamental movements explored in 6 stages focusing on Balance, Control and Agility. As the skaters progress through each of the stages they may be awarded ribbons, once a complete stage is successfully achieved a badge will be awarded.

Both programs are taught in a group lesson format by Professional Club Coaches helped by trained volunteer Program Assistants. Our Coaches and Program Assistants work as a team to ensure that skaters have fun and achieve success on the ice. Continual assessment will be done by our Professional Coaches throughout the season.

Awards and incentives are used to motivate skaters to achieve and develop their skills as well as to keep interest high. Progress Report Cards will be used to update you on your child's continuing progress; mid-year and at the end of the season.

PreSTARskate: introduces skaters to all disciplines of figure skating – freeskate, dance, and skating skills. It is an excellent opportunity for skaters to achieve personal growth and development in a group atmosphere. Our goal is to ensure that skaters gain skill and confidence and are ready to take Preliminary level Skate Canada tests at the end of the season. Lessons are taught by Professional Coaches in a group lesson format. Skaters are also given free time to practice on their own. We strongly encourage skaters to book private or semi-private lessons from our Coaches to further enhance their skating abilities. Sessions are composed of lesson and practice time.

  • 30 minutes group lesson
  • Practice time
  • 15 minutes stroking (cardio and edge session with all PreStarSkaters and StarSkaters)

STARSkate: Skills, Tests, Achievement, Recognition. This is what STARSkate is all about. The STARSkate Program is for skaters who have decided to pursue private/semi private lessons. With individualized lessons and more ice time, skaters work independently to practice the techniques learned during their lessons. Skaters enrolled in this program will achieve personal growth and development by participating in a high quality figure skating program. As well, they may compete in Interclub events and participate in Skate Canada test sessions – achieving recognition through a nationally standardized test system. These skaters divide their time between the three disciplines of figure skating and an optional discipline. 

  • Freeskate (6 levels: Preliminary-Gold)
  • Skating Skills (6 levels: Preliminary-Gold)
  • Dance(21 Dances: Preliminary-Gold); Optional – Diamond Dances
  • Optional discipline – Interpretive (4 levels: Introductory, Bronze, Silver & Gold) 

As well, our Coaches lead a group “stroking” session designed to improve speed, balance, control, and edges. Skaters book their ice time from the club. Private lessons are booked directly with one of our Professional Club Coaches. Each star skater will receive one private lesson paid by the club per week, any additional lessons will be booked and paid directly to our club coach by the individual parent. This will be billed separately from the coach to the parent.

Adult Skate - temporarily on hold

This program is designed for those just learning how to skate and welcomes those who have skated in the past and looking to polish up some skills.

This session will have a mixture of some group work as well as some individual coaching based on the needs of the participants. This program will be taught by a Skate Canada Certified Professional Coach.


For skaters Initiation level and up. This group program stresses balance, power, agility, speed and endurance skills, which are all hockey /ringette based. Skaters should already have strong basic skating skills and must be able to skate backwards. For those coming from the Canskate program, Stage 3 would be the pre-requisite.**Hockey/Ringette equipment is requested.

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